Holland native Esther Bukkems, joined Jessica Springsteen’s team in May 2015. Throughout the past two years Esther has become one of the top grooms in the industry, winning the 2016 Noelle Floyd Groom of the Year Award. 

Jessica Springsteen and Cynar 

From Valkenswaard to Wellington and every stop in between, Esther knows what it takes to keep Jessica’s string of horses in top form while traveling and competing across the world.

We caught up with Esther to find out a few behind the scenes tricks, favorite products and horse!

What is the best part of your job?

EB: Getting to spend my days with these amazing animals. 

Esther and Cynar sleeping. Cynar is wrapped in the AgSilver Standing Wraps.

What horse show do you look most forward to?

EB: I look forward to doing shows with the US team. It is fun to all work together as a team and aim for the best result for everyone.


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on the job?

EB: Looking back and realizing that I survived indoor season with Tiger Lily.


 What are a few of your favorite grooming tricks?

EB: You should always dry your horse’s legs really well. It prevents mud fever and in the time you dry the legs you can check on swellings and cuts the horse might have gotten while competing.

Do you have a favorite horse in the barn?

EB: It is hard to name a favorite with all these amazing animals I get to work with.

From when I started working for Jessica, Davendy has been there. I feel like I really did get a bond with her and she became very special to me.

Esther and Davendy 


You use SO may of our products. Which EquiFit products are your favorites?

EB: By far the Ag Silver powder! I use silver powder to prevent mudfever but I mostly use it on Cynar’s ears. I know, it sounds weird. He has a very sensitive skin and his ears get very irritated using a bonnet. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to put earplugs in so he really needs a bonnet against all the noises when he shows.

With silver powder we prevent his ears from getting irritated but also it helps a bit against sweating what also keeps everything more clean around his ears. 



If you could design a Custom D-Teq which colors would you put on it?

EB: I love the D-Teq Boots with red binding that we have. If I had to design my own I would probably play a little with brown, grey and black. I feel like they would fit with almost everything.


If you could have any horse in the world which horse would it be and why?

EB: Tough question… 

But on the other hand. Who doesn’t want a Cynar?