Fresh out of the equitation ring and right into multiple  3*/4* Grand Prix wins, we caught up with the rider to keep your eye on this year, Eve Jobs. 

  • What are your plans for 2018? Which shows are you planning to go to? Any big goals for the year? 

This year my goal was to start jumping the bigger shows and really try to get experience at the highest level of the sport. This is my first year jumping some of the 5* Grand Prix classes, and I hope to continue progressing throughout the year. After the WEF circuit we go back to California and let the horses have a well deserved break. From there we spend the spring in Kentucky and then head to Europe for the summer! Im really excited to jump Derek Braun’s Kentucky invitational at the end of April and then some incredible shows over in Europe. 

  • When did you start riding? How did you get into it?

My parents actually started putting me on horses when I was only 2, but obviously I didn’t start truly riding until I was about 6. I always had a love for horses and I wouldn’t stop talking about them! 

  • What is your most embarrassing moment at a horse show?

I have a few! The funniest one was probably falling off before the first fence at Pony Medal Finals. 

  • Three things you couldn’t live without at a horse show? Why?

Coffee, sticky spray, more coffee!

  •   Any superstitions? 

I used to have a necklace that I thought was really lucky but I grew out of it. I don’t have many superstitions!

  •  Are you currently going to school? How do you balance your school life with your riding life?

Yes, I am currently finishing my freshman year at Stanford! At times it can be a bit challenging to do both, especially during WEF as Florida is across the country! I am lucky enough to have such a wonderful team of people who keep my horses healthy and happy when I am at school, as well as the amazing tutors at UEA who help keep me on top of my school work when I’m competing!

  •    What is your favorite horse show? 

Thats hard! Theres so many incredible shows, but I would have to say Spruce Meadows and the Global Tour in Miami Beach would have to be my favorites. They are spectacular venues and both draw incomparable competition!

  •    Tell us about your team of horses! 


Currently my team consists of Tiny Toon Semilly, Charleville and Venue D’Fees Des Hazalles. They all have insanely strong personalities. Tiny can be pretty cheeky and he’s an avid napper! I swear he naps more than I do! Charleville is pretty full of himself, and rightfully so. He isn’t fazed by much, expect the clippers. Venue is definitely the princess of the stable! She’s quite opinionated and is the epitome of a chestnut mare; lots of squealing!





  •    What is your favorite EquiFit product? 

I use a lot of EquiFit products daily with my horses. One of my favorites is the Impact Hal Pad, I think it keeps them feeling as good as possible and has a really nice, polished look. Another great product is the D-Teq open front boots, they look wonderful and provide a lot of support. 

  •    What is one interesting fact about yourself most people don’t know? 

Haha um… most people don’t know that I’m actually one of four kids in my family! No one else rides but I definitely have a large support system at home!

  •  Top horse at the moment? 

Thats too hard! They are all wonderful, and each have different strengths. I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of horses right now. 

  •      If you could ride any horse in the world who would you pick?

It would absolutely be Fit for Fun or Cristalline! 


  •     Who is you biggest role model in the horse world?

I look up to so many people in this sport but personally my biggest mentor and role model is Eddie Macken. He has transformed both the way I ride and the way I view the sport. Not only is he a legendary rider himself, but he is an exceptional trainer who truly loves and respects the horses. I am extremely lucky to have such a phenomenal person on my team.

Eve’s EquiFit Products 

D-Teq Front Boots 

D-Teq Hind Boots 

ImpacTeq Half Pad