What are your plans for the summer? Will you be coming back east for finals?

Starting in August I will come back east. I will do the Menlo Horse Show in California at the beginning of August and then I will move to Derby Finals in Kentucky. Right now the calendar looks like I will show and bring junior/amateurs to do the HITS Show in Saugerties. Then I will go on to Capital Challenge. I am actually judging at Harrisburg so I won’t be showing there, which will be a fun new adventure.

Any major goals for this year?

It will be Lake of Stars first time doing the Derby Finals. My goal is to have a really positive experience for him this year because I think he is a real contender. I think this year the goal will be to get used to the format and see the jumps. Next year he will be a player in the top group.

Do you have any superstitions?? If so, what are they?

I think a lot of people are very superstitious in this sport, however I’m not. I pride myself in not being superstitious. I’m almost anti-superstitious but if you really want to know something funny I always ride in nice underwear. I’m sure the day that I have ugly panties on, I’m going to get hurt and they will have to cut my pants off in the ring. I clear as day remember the day I got really hurt. I broke my leg and my arm and I had the ugliest underwear on. They had to cut my pants off in the hospital. I remember saying, “I can’t believe I have this pair of underwear on…it’s so ugly!” From that day forward I thought, “Do not wear bad underwear because if you have to go to the hospital and they have to cut your pants off it will be really embarrassing if you are in front of 20 people and you have granny panties on.”

It really is the truth…I will not ride in bad panties. I’m afraid that either my pants are going to split or they will have to get cut off.


Tell us about the one and only Lake of Stars, we love him! What are his favorite EquiFit products?

The EquiFit product that I swear by for him and I feel has changed his performance is the Anatomical Hunter Girth he uses. He used to start a little cold backed. When I got on him I used to keep the girth super loose and stay in the two-point. With the EquiFit girth, I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. He starts out looser in the back. I didn’t realize how much of a difference a girth can make with something like that until I switched and saw it was a night and day difference. This horse is more comfortable.

Lake of Stars sporting the Anatomical Hunter Girth

What is your all time favorite horse show? Why?

That’s a good question. My favorite horse show is Franktown Meadows. The Franktown Meadows stand alone derby is actually what I did last weekend and is probably my favorite horse show. It is a stand alone hunter derby that runs on Saturday and Sunday. It is a charity event for a food bank in Reno. There are incredibly beautiful fields, gorgeous jumps, and the staff is incredibly nice and welcoming. It is an incredible event and is one of the few places where you don’t have to worry about the ten other rings going on. It is one ring and one derby each day. People all come and watch, it is super! 

Hope Glynn with her daughter, Avery.

How is Avery doing? She really is growing up so fast and now is off the ponies!

Avery is amazing! Last week, we got to do a team equitation challenge together. It is such a nice thing for me to get to have a sport that you do with your kid. Not only is it something that consumes so much of my time, which allows me to spend more time with her because she does it with me but it is really something that we love. She loves horses and wants to do well. At the end of the day when we are at dinner together she wants to talk to me about horses and how to ride them differently.

It was really cute the other day we were on the way to the horse show and I look over to see her reading a Practical Horseman article that Liza Boyd wrote on how to have better hand gallop fences. She was there studying it on the way to the horse show. She is very much into it, passionate about it and loves the animals. I am very fortunate that we share that passion because it makes us closer as mother and daughter. 

Avery Glynn

You really do use SO many of our products but which ones do you and your horses love most?

It would have to be the Anatomical Hunter Girth, which I’m such a believer in. I pretty much have everyone in the barn riding in it. Honestly, the girth is not only more comfortable for the horses but it also helps with slipping. The saddle stays more centered and doesn’t slip back as much.

 My next favorite product is the Extended Hind D-Teq Boots. I have a few horses that catch behind sometimes. They constantly were having a callus or a rub and I didn’t realize how much that was effecting their performance. Clearly I can’t show the hunters in them but I practice with them and warm up with them. It has completely kept them from getting that rub or sore behind. They move better and are more comfortable. So if anyone has a trouble with that area those boots have changed that issue. The two horses I have that interfere behind, with the use of those boots not only helped their soundness but they have actually helped the way the way go. Now they are not hurting behind and they are just more comfortable and jumping better.

Extended Hind D-Teq Boots 

You really are one of the more fashionable riders on the circuit. We HAVE to know out of all of the custom colors we offer which ones would you put on a Custom D-Teq Boot?

  • Midnight Ostrich
  • SandalWood


Any up and coming horses of yours that we need to be keeping an eye on?

I have two nice Pregreen horses!  One which will make a nice Jr. Hunter. I am hoping he will work for my daughter Avery. That one is named SnapChat and just won the Pregreen Incentive last week, he is 6. I also have a client’s horse that I think will be a nice First Year horse. He is owned by Tonya Johnston and she will also do in the Amateur Owner Hunters. He will probably be a contender anywhere and his name is Galactic.

Hope Glynn and Snapchat 


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