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Equestrian Gear Maintenance And Safe Storage

Horseback riding is one of the most popular sports appealing to all age groups, ranging from toddlers who can get better familiarized with animals, to children who join local equestrian clubs to learn how to ride and adults who wish to perfect their already existing skills or learn from scratch. While challenging and extremely exciting, riding a horse does not have to cost a small fortune. Plus, horses help build a person, develop personalities, boost the levels of empathy in a person, and even keep riders in good physical shape.

But in order to maintain riding at a high level of safety, there are specific safety measures that need to be respected, and safety equipment use and storage are primary issues in this regard.

Horse Racing And Sport Bettors At Ladbrokes

If you happened at least once in your life to watch or to follow a horse racing, then you will surely agree on a point: followers of horse racing are possibly some of the most passionate fans in the world!

Actually, the fervor and enthusiasm that horse racing followers put in the way they support their favorite riders is something unique in the whole sport arena.

The big winner. Photo Credit: The Chronicle of the Horse.Catching Up with Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals Winner, Spencer Smith

Last week we were all lucky enough to witness Spencer Smith dominate in the 2014 Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals. Spencer become the first young man to win Medal Finals in 12 years, if you can believe it! Here is our champion’s quick recap of his gratifying Medal Finals experience.

“After a great experience during the Pessoa USEF Medal Finals. I am so thankful for the team of people behind me. It has really been a group effort to get me to this stage in my riding career. It takes so many people who work so tirelessly to get everything to come together. Geoff Teal, Don Stewart, David Nation and my parents, Ken and Emily Smith, have put so much time into training me and giving me the best opportunities available, but

mclainwardSaying Goodbye to a Champion - Sapphire

While we constantly hear about the lives and successes of top riders, less is known about their invaluable equine partners. Here is the first in a series to offer an inside look at the horses we are so proud to work with. We may know of classes they have won and titles they have been awarded, but their characters, quirks and traits are largely unknown to us, their adoring fans.

Sapphire is, of course, the most trusted mount of 2 time Olympian McLain Ward. The fourteen year old Belgian mare is co-owned by Ward and Blue Chip Bloodstock. A stunning chestnut, Sapphire is by the stallion Darco, who was and remains one of the most successful jumpers of all time, and passed his enormous talent on to over 3,000 foals. Sapphire has been ridden by Ward since 2002,and in that time they have built up a level of trust hat has vaulted them to the highest level of equestrian stardom. ‘Sara,’ as she is affectionately known in the barn, has a unique personality