Horse Racing And Sport Bettors At Ladbrokes

If you happened at least once in your life to watch or to follow a horse racing, then you will surely agree on a point: followers of horse racing are possibly some of the most passionate fans in the world!

Actually, the fervor and enthusiasm that horse racing followers put in the way they support their favorite riders is something unique in the whole sport arena.

Who Are Horse Racing Bettors?

Normally, horse racing followers like to place bets on the horse or rider they think will be the best one in a racing event. Horse racing bettors are commonly the most numerous category of bettors in the world and this should speak itself about their strong attitude and large popularity of horse racing events in certain Countries of the world, like the UK or the US, Canada or Australia.

The UK-based Ladbrokes company, being the largest and first sport betting company in the world, is also the most attractive and safest for all sport bettors, not only in horse racing events, but also in a large number of other sports: football, soccer football, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, golf, tennis and many other sports are offered at Ladbrokes with excellent sport betting services.

Ladbrokes – Become An Affiliate

For many decades since 1886, when the Ladbrokes company was founded in the UK, Ladbrokes stayed the only and main reference company in the industry of sport betting. With time and with new skilled human resources, the Ladbrokes company became the giant colossus it’s currently in the world.

But the story is not at an end, because the Ladbrokes company is still open to new human resources and new ideas. The sports affiliate program reflect this dynamic and positive attitude of the team of Ladbrokes, which is always open-minded and welcoming towards all new potential skilled affiliates. Horse racing betting

Today, the sport affiliation program of Ladbrokes are something unique in the world of business in the industry of entertainments, betting and gaming.

The Ladbrokes New Markets Of Interest

Currently, Ladbrokes is also opening its doors to new markets, expanding its range of available products and options for customers. So, if at the beginning of its story Ladbrokes was a land based locally operating sport betting company, today Ladbrokes is an international company, with a worldwide popularity and millions customers in all Countries of the world.

Ladbrokes has something like over 2,800 land based sort betting shops and as a company Ladbrokes gives employment to over 13,000 employees. Moreover, Ladbrokes has also 13 tailored websites where the company offers its specific gaming products.

Today, the Ladbrokes markets include Casino, Sports, Poker, Slots, Bingo, Lottos, and many other markets.

Benefits For New Affiliates

The Ladbrokes company offers specific and unique sets of benefits to all new affiliates who decide to become part of the Ladbrokes team.

There are general and common features for all commission plans of the affiliation program: personal account management, proven conversions, reliable payments from Ladbrokes, real time stats reports, full support and 24/7 assistance service.

Along with general features there are also specific benefits that are peculiar to each of the 4 commission plans (Revenue Share, CPA, Hybrid, Sub Affiliate). And, cherry on top of the cake, personal account management, proven conversions, reliable payments from Ladbrokes, real time stats reports, full support and 24/7 assistance service thought also to offer affiliates special promos.