EquiFit GiftGuide

Attention all EquiFitters! Can’t figure out what to get for your trainer, friend, horse or even yourself this holiday season? From head turning color combinations to our classic staples, Check out the EquiFit Gift Guide we have put together for you. 

1. ImpacTeq Half Pad
 Perfect for your trainer, rider or friend.
Personalize, customize or just keep it simple.









In Stock & Ready to Ship
Black, Red, Brown, Black Ostrich, Green and Navy

Personalized Stock Item
Monogram, Name, or Logo
Black, Red, Brown, Black Ostrich, Green and Navy
2 week lead time

Choose your favorite color
Monogram, Name, or Logo
4 week lead time (Gift Cards available)

Designed to absorb extreme impact, the ImpacTeq Half-Pad provides the ultimate protection for both horse and rider. Utilizing EquiFit’s ImpacTeq Technology, this saddle pad molds to the contour of the horse’s back, ensuring a secure and custom fit. A multi-dimensional air mesh allows air flow and promotes circulation, while an open-cell non-newtonian foam transforms from soft to rigid upon impact. The pads are breathable, antimicrobial and easy to clean. Delivering support, comfort and protection, riding with ImpacTeq is riding with confidence.




2. T-Sport Wraps
Not sure what size boot to buy your friend?
T-Sports are the answer.
The top riders go-to.


Horse or Pony
Black or White
$94 horse
$88 pony





State-of-the-art T-Sport Wrap provides cool comfort, maximum compression and slip-free support for your at-risk horse’s legs. A unique combination of open-celled, non-latex foam and high-quality fabrics first developed for certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports Doctors. Simply rinse product in warm water after use and lay flat, foam side up, to dry.


3. D-Teq Boots
From simple Black
to fully Custom
everything in between.
It’s up to you!



In Stock & Ready to Ship
Black, Brown, and Black Ostrich
Red, Brown, Green, and Navy (Binding)
$229 Front
$215 Hind





Personalized Stock Item
Monogram, Name or LogoBlack, Brown, and Black Ostrich
Red, Brown, Green, and Navy (Binding)
2 week lead time
$270 Front
$250 Hind





Any color in any section of the D-Teq
Monogram, Name or Logo
4 week lead time (Gift Cards available)
$385 Front
$370 Hind






D-Teq Boots and ImpacTeq™ Liners offer the most effective protection on the market today. D-Teq Boots offer an anatomically molded out shell, virtually unbreakable shock absorber, three 1.25″ wide straps to eliminate pressure points, with a secure fit and classic styling. ImpacTeq Liners transform from soft to rigid upon impact, mold to the leg for a custom fit and offer breathable and cool benefits, while promoting circulation.


 4. Ear Bonnet
Heading to a warm winter circuit?
Keep your horse’s head cool and in style!

In Stock &Ready to Ship
Black, Red, Brown Black Ostrich Green and Navy (Trim)

Personalized Stock Item 
Monogram, Name or Logo
Black, Red, Brown, Black Ostrich, Green and Navy (Trim)
 2 week lead time 

Any color!
Monogram, Name or Logo
4 week lead time (Gift Cards available) 








Maintain a professional and polished look while keeping flies at bay. The EquiFit Ear Bonnet keeps the ears, poll and head cool and dry with its multi-dimensional air-mesh. Ears fit comfortably and unbothered under a spandex mesh. Its contoured shape keeps the bonnet in place while the durable EverLeather trim maintains a polished edge. The EquiFit Ear Bonnet is the finishing touch to a winning uniform.



5. Stocking Stuffers


New pair of tail boots?
Goodbye ankle rubs.







Protect rider’s heels, ankles and legs from rubs and irritation while riding with GelBands™. Unique, stretchable fabric lined with a polymer gel that releases a soothing mineral oil into the skin. Fits comfortably and unobtrusively under tall boots, chaps and half chaps. Dermatologist tested, wraps are both washable and reusable.


Pack-N-Stick HoofTape
The ultimate gift for your groom!
Make their lives easier in 2018 by ditching the duct tape and diapers for hoof packing.

$29 – 6 pair
$89 – 24 pair
$349 –  100 pair


Say goodbye to that annoying roll of duct tape. New Pack-N-Stick HoofTape eliminates the hassle of cutting, assembling, and applying duct tape to packed hooves. Pre-cut and anatomically shaped, HoofTape features a high grade adhesive that provides a secure grip, even when worn overnight. The hoof can be packed and/or medicated as normal. Apply to clean, dry hooves. Not intended for use in turnout. One size fits all.


Hanging Boot Organizer
A place for everything, and everything in its place.

$24 –  8 Pocket
$39 – 24 Pocket




Hanging Boot Organizer provides easy and convenient storage for horse boots and equipment. Perfect for use at home or at shows, The Hanging Boot Organizer keeps important equipment safely stored, and easily accessible. The mesh material makes boots easily visible in each pocket. It also provides airflow and breathability, allowing boots to dry and stay funk-free. Two sizes make the Hanging Boot Organized ideal for large barns with multiple sets of boots, or for an individual. Comes with stainless steel rings for hanging.







Have a non horsey person buying gifts?
Have them give us a call or email and we can help them pick the perfect gift.
How about a gift certificate?

(877) 437 – 8434


Happy Holidays, 
Team EquiFit