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New ImpacTeq Half Pad and Ear Bonnet


Alexandra Cherubini Interview


Custom D-Teq Boots are in the Pink



Industry Innovators


Pioneers Fully Customizable D-Teq BootsF

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Cutting-Edge Cold Therapy






Catching Up with Esther Bukkems

Holland native Esther Bukkems, joined Jessica Springsteen’s team in May 2015. Throughout the past two years Esther has become one of the top grooms in the industry, winning the 2016 Noelle Floyd Groom of the Year Award.  Jessica Springsteen and Cynar  From...

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Hello AgSilver

We’ve got bad news for scratches, fungus, rain rot, cuts, wounds, thrush and skin irritations. Say adios to all of these issues and hello to AgSilver. The AgSilver Line helps prevent and helps diminish these skin issues that keep creeping their way back into your...

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Catching Up with Hope Glynn

What are your plans for the summer? Will you be coming back east for finals? Starting in August I will come back east. I will do the Menlo Horse Show in California at the beginning of August and then I will move to Derby Finals in Kentucky. Right now the calendar...

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SheepsWool vs. Sheepskin

Sheepskin…it is definitely becoming a ‘thing’... again, but why? Whether it is sensitive skin, a previous wound or a unique shaped leg prone to rubs, some horses just need that extra comfort. But why can’t we have SheepsWool without seeing all that bushy stuff?! ...

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Horses are Remarkably Adaptable Creatures

We are excited to have our first blog post from Vanessa Bartsch, Head Coach of the Stanford University Equestrian Team. Last year Vanessa and the team were faced with quite the conundrum, and we were happy to be a part of the solution. Read on to learn more! In 2005...

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Young Riders, Rejoice: There is Life After Your Junior Years!

“Amateur.” This dreaded term strikes fear into the eyes of many junior riders come November. Thoughts of perhaps fading away from the show-ring spotlight, the pressure of young adulthood, and questioning life’s next steps, all pile on top of this pivotal turning point...

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