ImpacTeq™ Technology

impaqteqpackagingImpacTeq is designed to absorb extreme impact. Taking cues from protective footwear, sports and military equipment, ImpacTeq features a revolutionary foam that firms to a protective shield upon impact. Below the defensive foam is a multi-dimensional air mesh that promotes airflow and circulation, helping to keep the body cool. The two layers mold to the body for a secure and custom fit. ImpacTeq is antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. ImpacTeq Technology is utilized in many of our items including ImpacTeq Liners (paired with D-Teq™ Boots), Bandage Liners, CrownPad™, and the ImpacTeq Half Pad™.


geltherapyBy gradually releasing medical-grade mineral oil to moisturize and condition skin, GelTherapy helps prevent or relieve skin irritations. GelTherapy is used for humans and horses and is featured in GelSox™, GelSquares™ and GelBands. ™



AgSilver™ Power

agsilverIonic Silver, a natural element, has been used for thousands of years for its ability to stave off viruses, molds and fungi. The power of silver is not new, but our applications are game changing. Silver is smart element that only releases its antimicrobials properties when microbes are present. It’s an element we respect and have adapted to benefit our horses. You can find AgSilver Power used in our StandingWraps™, SilverSox™ and ImpacTeq Bandage Liners as well as our entire AgSilver line of shampoos, talcs, sprays, balms and more.

T-Foam™ Technology

tfoamtechnologyOriginally invented by NASA, and currently used in hospitals, wheelchairs and athletic equipment, T-Foam Technology provides protection, support, comfort, and a custom fit. This shock-absorbing material reacts to body pressure and heat allowing it to conform for a custom fit, every time it’s used.

tfoam smT-Foam absorbs 97% of shock and vibration upon impact, and offers 100% recovery before the next use. Its neoprene-free open-cell structure prevents overheating by self-ventilating which also helps control perspiration. T-Foam is used exclusively by EquiFit in a variety of our products including the T-Boot Series®, T-Foam Saddle Pads, Anatomical Girths, StandingWraps™ and our CurbChain™ Cover.


everleatherClassic leather styling engineered to defend. EverLeather is created with a matrix of nylon, polyester and microfiber, granting it phenomenal durability and strength. It’s resistant to scratches, abrasions, punctures and tears. Even with heavy use, EverLeather’s beautiful look and feel is preserved for years with easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. We utilize EverLeather throughout our catalog of products, including D-Teq™ and D-Teq Custom Boots, T-Boot Series, ImpacTeq™ Half Pad, CrownPad™ and more.

Hot/Cold Therapy

hotcoldtherapyTo help deliver the benefits of hot and cold therapies, we have developed a line of tools that make treatment simple and effective. Out GelCompression Therapy Line simplifies the application of hot/cold therapy by using GelPacks™ that adhere to an outer shell. Compression is conveniently controlled with a hand pump. IceAir® Cold Therapy Boots are the only ice boots on the market that also provide the benefit of air compression. Our TendonPak™ retains intense heat or cold to help treat accordingly and provides easy-to-adjust compression with its elastic bandages.

Cradle to Cradle

We’re also proud to display the Cradle to Cradle Certification on many of our AgSilver products. Cradle to Cradle is rewarding certification that means our products are designed, produced, packaged and used in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion.




efoamThe best features of our original T-Foam™ meet modern technology and benefits. E-Foam absorbs impact and disperses pressure points. A revolutionary material, E-Foam firms to a protective shield upon impact, and molds to the body for a secure and custom fit. This streamlined material offers an unobtrusive and sleek fit, without compromising benefits: E-Foam is antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. E-Foam is utilized in our Original® and EXP3™ Boots.